Natalie Williams has been coaching youth athletes for 14 years.  She has the amazing ability to teach athletes of all ages the skills needed to help improve their game and raise it to the next level.   She and her coaches incorporate fun and skill driven practices to challenge young athletes as well as help to build and  increase their confidence. 


Natalie's basketball career is unlike any other Coach in Utah.  She is an NCAA Division 1 first team All American, a 2 Time USA Basketball World Champion and a USA Olympic Gold Medalist.


Natalie who is from Taylorsville, Utah, is Utah's Female Athlete of the Century. 


A UCLA Alumni, Natalie was recently named to the PAC 12 All Century Team and in 2016 she was inducted into the Women's National Basketball Hall of Fame.   


Natalie loves giving back to the youth and her passion is to help all her NWBA kids become the best they can be.   Natalie's Club motto is " ENJOY THE JOURNEY".